About General Staff


According to Law no. 346 from July 21, 2006 (art. 12), the General Staff provides for: force conduct, organization, planning and making operational, gradual increase of readiness levels; RAF’s mobilization; conduct of joint operations; HQ and troops’ training; basic and specialty training of the active-duty and reserve military personnel; military personnel individual career management; armaments planning; standardization in the military field; implementation of the C4ISR, logistic and infrastructure system; conduct of the international military relations; religious assistance in the MoD; signing technical agreements with other states armed forces; promotion of the military culture and civil education values.
According to the same law, the Chief of General Staff has the highest military commanding rank in the Romanian Armed Force. He is appointed by the President of Romania, following the proposal of the minister of defense, with the prime-minister’s consent for a four-year period, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

Only the Deputy Chief of General Staff or one of the Chiefs of the Services can fill the position of the Chief of General Staff.

The Joint Chiefs of Staffs Committee (JCSC) is established at the General Staff’s level, being a deliberative structure with a consultative role. The JCSC meets on quarterly basis or whenever necessary to discuss important issues concerning the armed force’s activity.


The Chief of General Staff is also the chairman of the JCSC.


As for NATO and EU, the Romanian CHOD is member of the NATO Military Committee (NATO-MC) and of the EU Military Committee (EUMC).



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