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“Marasesti” Frigate at end of the mission

“Marasesti” frigate will anchor Thursday, April 27 in Constanta Military Bay after the participation as the command ship in BLACKSEAFOR activity, in April 2006.

The Romanian Navy own since August 14, 2005, for a year, the BLACKSEAFOR command. This period, a series of common trainingexercises on sea together with military ships from Bulgaria, Georgia, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine have been commanded from the Romanian frigate board. Passing under the Romanian authority, the ships had complex exercises of maritime and air traffic monitoring, location of targets on radar, signaling, supply on the sea, communications, simulated repulsion of an air attack, pass of ships in a “ dragged pass”, rescue and assistance for ships in difficulty.

An important role in the month long activation was played by the training in humanitarian assistance missions in case of natural disasters.

The activation program included the visits in Novoozerne (Ukraine), Batumi (Georgia) and Novorossisk (Russian Federation) where the group official delegation was received by military and local authorities and the population visited the ships.

The Orthodox teams celebrated in Novorossisk the Holy Resurrection and Tuesday, April 25 after the BLACKSEAFOR closing festivity the ships started their return journey in their stationing bays.

BLACKSEAFOR is conceived as a force “at request” activated at least once a year for exercises and consists in 4-6 ships from destroyer class, frigate class, corvette class, patrol ship class, mine dragging class, up to amphibious or auxiliary ship class from the countries that signed the Agreement of constitution. The ships are stationed in there permanent bases and gather for the common exercises for two weeks, in a bay, in the host nation established by rotation or for participation in real missions.

BLACKSEAFOR missions are search and rescue on the sea, humanitarian assistance, actions anti sea mines, protection of maritime environment, visits and other missions approved by the Parts that signed the Agreement.

The Romanian Navy received in August 2005 the BLACKSEAFOR command for a year and Commander Alexandru Mirsu is the commander of the naval group. The BLACKSEAFOR operational command is ensured by Commander Romulus Haldan.

Details on BLACKSEAFOR: www.

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