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Romanian soldiers supporting the population affected by floods

250 soldiers of the 8th and the 282nd Brigades Focsani participate since today, May 2, 2006 in activities of dykes consolidation and watch in Insula Mare a Brailei, Plopu and Marasu (Braila County).

The soldiers of the 20th Infantry Battalion fulfill the mission of evacuation of population in Bistret and cook the meal for the people in the camp established in Negoi ( Dolj County).

Two detachments of the 26th Infantry Battalion act for evacuation of population in Carna and Macesu de Jos (Dolj County) and a detachment of the 205th Anti-Air Artillery Battalion support the evacuation of population in Gighirna, Dolj County.
The 2nd Battalion Calugareni acting in Manastirea, (Calarasi County) were replaced by the 96th Engineering Battalion.

Monday, May 1, 2006 about 1100 soldiers with 150 technical devices continued their actions in Rast, Negoi, Ghidici, Bistret, Gighira, Carna, Bechet, Goicea, Macesu de Jos and Macesu de Sus (Dolj County), Spantov, Manastirea and Chiselet (Calarasi County), Fetesti (Ialomita County), Ceatalchioi (Tulcea County) and in Plopu, Marasu, Filipoiu, Frecatei, Tacau and Noianu-Varsatura (Braila County).

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