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Events dedicated to the Day of the Heroes

The Day of the Heroes will be celebrated in localities where the military units are by military and religious ceremonies dedicated to honoring the memory of those who died in the Romanian people wars and in international missions and to those who sacrificed in the Revolution from December 1989.

The commemorations occurring Thursday, June 1, 2006 are organized by the Ministry of National Defense in cooperation with the local administration, the National Office of the Cult of the Heroes, the Veterans National Association and representatives of religious cults.

The ceremony of laying of wreaths in Bucharest will occur at 10.00 hours at the Monument of the Heroes in front of the National Defense University and the Israeli “Filantropia” and at 12.00 hours at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier (Parcul Carol), at the Graveyard of Heroes of revolution (Calea Serban Voda), the Graveyard of the Second World War Heroes (Ghencea Military Graveyard) and at the Lot of Honor in Reinvierea Graveyard.

The Day of the Heroes was proclaimed the national celebration day of the Romanian people by the Law no. 379 from 2003 and the celebration dedicated to this event is organized, according to the Orthodox tradition, in the Day of Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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