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Kristin Krohn Devold minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Norway will pay an official visit in Romania between July 7 and 12, 03 in Romania invited by Ioan Mircea Pascu minister of National Defense.

The talks of the two officials will be focused on the process of adaptation and transformation of the Alliance after the Prague Summit for Romania joining NATO and the program of the military reform of the Armed Forces in our country.

In the same time they will analyze the stage and the perspectives for increasing the bilateral military cooperation, evolutions of the environment of security in the South East of Europe, in Afghanistan and Iraq and will present the results of the Romanian military participation to the peacekeeping operations and the international counter-terrorism campaign.

The President of Romania, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs will receive the Norwegian official. Mrs. Kristin Krohn Devold will visit in Constanta the SEEBRIG Command and the Navy Academy.

Tuesday, July 8, 03 between 12.20 and 12.50 hours the two ministers of Defense will have a press conference at the Navy Operational Command in Constanta.

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