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Following the incident of Tuesday morning, June 20, in Afghanistan when a soldier was killed and four others were injured we bring additional information:
The injured soldiers are 2nd LT Dinu Razvan MANOILA, 25, NCO Iosif-Adrian LUCA-MICU, 37, SGT Costinel Valerică SLĂNICEANU, 28 and SGT Laurențiu ȘERBAN, 27.

The first three soldiers were in a reconnaissance APC (the first of a four- carrier convoy) that crossed over an improvised explosive device on their way back to the base, at the end of a patrol mission.

When the convoy stopped, the patrol commander and two soldiers proceeded to the first vehicle, according to the standard operating procedures applicable in such cases, in order to assist those in need. On his way to the vehicle, SGT Serban stepped on another explosive device and got a leg injury.

An intervention unit and an EOD team specialized in demining were sent on the scene to assist the troops.

At present, three of the injured soldiers are in stable condition at the base hospital in Kandahar, while SGT Slăniceanu, the fourth soldier is in critical condition. A decision is likely to be made as to the transfer of the injured soldiers to a hospital in Germany.

The leadership of the Ministry of National Defence and the soldiers of the 341st Infantry battalion express their regret for the incident and their most sincere condolences to the family of Corporal Gheorghiță DRĂGUȘANU, faced with such a tragedy.

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