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Romanian soldiers in “Immediate Response 2006” Exercise

About 100 Romanian soldiers will participate together with the US and Bulgarian military in “Immediate Response 2006 (IR06)” international exercise developed in Bulgaria and Romania between July 13 and 29, 2006.
The aim of this exercise is the train of special established forces for their deployment and aerial and terrestrial introduction in a theater of operations and the development of a joint multinational peace imposing or peace supporting operation in a hostile environment of security.
“IR06” aims the increase of interoperability between the three NATO military forces and consists in common training for urban operations, firings with their armament in the Bulgarian Novo Selo shooting field, the cross of the Bulgarian-Romanian border of a military convoy, night time, and in July 21 the aeromobile exercise in Capu Midia firing field, Constanta County, Romania.
The Romanian component is commanded by the Army Staff and consists in a command and control team, an Infantry Platoon and a Military Police Platoon, groups of coordination, technical support and transport, teams of observers and medical teams.
Totally, 800 US, Bulgarian and Romanian military and civilian personnel participate in this exercise with the support of different terrestrial and aerial means.
The “IR06” command will offer information and explanations on this exercise, Wednesday, July 19 in Novo Selo firing field, occasioned by the Day of the Press. The Day of the Press includes a press conference of the exercise command team, common training, photo and video shootings, press statements of the participants from the participating countries and an exhibition presenting the equipment used in this exercise.

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