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“Mircea” Training Ship in March on the Black Sea

“Mircea” training ship will have a training march on the Black Sea between July 10 and August 10, 2006.

“Mircea” will sail more then 2,000 maritime miles and will stop in five harbors, in Novorossisk (Russian Federation), Sevastopol and Odessa (Ukraine), Varna (Bulgaria) and Samsun (Turkey,) where the Romanian sailors will meet the local military and civilian authorities and will visit the tourist and cultural sites. This is an event to re-affirm the good relations of cooperation between the navies of the Naval Group of Cooperation in the Black Sea, BLACKSEAFOR.

During the march, on board of “Mircea” training ship will be 51 students and 3 student girls from “Mircea cel Batran” Navy Academy, 43 pupils and 5 girls from “Amiral Ion Murgescu” Navy Foremen School. There will also be two Turkish cadets for their train within the international cooperation program of the Navy Academy with the similar institutions of education.

The leaving ceremony will occur Monday, July 10, 2006 at 10.00 hours in Constanta military berth.

“Mircea” Training Ship, build in 1938-39 in Blohm&Voss shipyard, Hamburg, Germany represents the symbol of the Romanian naval traditions, almost all the generations of officers and foremen have been trained on board in the 67 years of service.

In 1976 “Mircea” training ship participated in the US bicentennial and in 2004 crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the second time and engaged in “Tall Ships Challenge 2004” gaining the second place in a test and the fifth place in the general top.

Last year, “Mircea” training ship had a march on the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and North Sea participating in “Tall Ships Race 2005” and different international maritime festivals and jubilee festivities in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Norway, Germany and Holland.

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