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Change of Kabul International Airport command

Bulgaria received the command of Kabul International Airport (KAIA) from Romania during the ceremony occurred today, July 31 in Afghanistan.

The Romanian Detachment ensured for four months the command of Kabul International Airport when the military occupied important positions in the Airport structures and fulfilled different types of missions, such as the air traffic control, lead of air operations, security of flight, logistic support and the ensure of communications.

ISAF deputy commander, General Hans Werner Ahrens stated during the festivity: “ I want to thank you, commander Adrian Marinescu and to your personnel for the exemplary way you fulfilled your missions. Through the activities you led and developed you’ve contributed in security of flight, you’ve made a better coordination of all the implied personnel in KAIA mission and not in the least, you risen an unique monument of the Romanian aviators for remembering your presence here. I thank you for your energy and abnegation you proved in all the activities for the projects of reconstruction you’ve initiated”.

The 39 military of this Detachment will return home in August.

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