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The Arges Battle- re constituted after 90 at Mogosoia Fort

A complex range of activities dedicated to the 90 years since our country entered the War of Reunification of the Romanian people ended by the establishment of the unitary national state, will be organized by the National Military Museum together with the 48th Military Transmissions Center.

The actions are for a better know of the military daily life during the First World War, their equipment, armament and the way the combat was carried, will occur Saturday, September 2 at Mogosoia Fort (Batteries 1-2) situated at the cross of Soseaua de centura and Soseaua Bucuresti-Targoviste.

About 60 persons, fans of historical reconstruction from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Hungary, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, equipped and having the armament of the time will simulate a sequence of the Arges Battle (known as the Battle for Bucharest). Part of these “warriors” already have meeting for becoming accustomed with the training according to the rules of the time.

In Mogosoia Fort three exhibitions will be arranged on the history of the military transmissions and the system of fortifications of “Cetatea Bucurestilor”, the military sanitary service and the religious assistance service within the Romanian Armed Forces in 1916-18.

Relations on this event: Horia Serbanescu and Ion Scafes, the National Military Museum. Phone 3195904 extension 103.

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