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SEEBRIG at the end of the mission in Afghanistan

A ceremony for the SEEBRIG Command return home from the mission in Afghanistan will occur Friday, August 11 at 12.00 hours, in front of the Constanta Casino.

Political and military representatives from the countries acting within the MPFSEE regional initiative, officials from Romania and representatives of Constanta authorities will participate in this event.

The SEEBRIG Command received the KMNB IX command on February 6 and acted under the UN aegis and NATO operational command. 233 Romanian military from the SEEBRIG Command and two support units ( Staff Company and Transmission Company) participated for six months in the ISAF.

The Brigade’s aim was to carry the operations of security and assistance in Kabul and around, to support the government in the maintain of an environment of security. Also, the SEEBRIG Command led the KMNB IX units for the fulfillment of about 150 big missions and coordinated more than 1,200 projects for the support of the civil population in their area of action.

The SEDM initiative was launched in March 1996 aiming the regional cooperation and the development of good neighborhood, the increase of the defensive capacity and the cooperation through the collective efforts and the development of the process of integration in the Euro-Atlantic institutions. The states participating in SEDM are Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, former Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine (since December 2005) and Turkey. In the SEDM political and military meetings Croatia, Slovenia and the United States are participating as observers.

The Presidency of the Committee of Coordination of the SEDM and the Political Military Director Committee and the SEEBRIG Command are, for two years, ensured by rotation by each of the countries. Since July 2005 the MPFSEE political military presidency is chaired by Albania and the SEEBRIG military command by Bulgaria. Since the summer of 2005 the SEEBRIG Command is for four years in Constanta.

Persons of contact: Major Daniel Anghel, phone: 07884945 and Major Gabriel Purice, phone: 0722738153

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