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NATO reserve officers learn foreign languages in Predeal

55 reserve officers from the International Conference of Reserve Officers member states (CIOR) participate in courses of learning the foreign languages (English and French), between August 7 and 18, 2006 at the Mountain Training Center “BUCEGI” in Predeal. The courses on military issues are organized by the CIOR Academy of Foreign Languages with American, British, Canadian and French teachers.

CIOR is a non governmental organization established in 1948 and official recognized by NATO in 1976 as an institution aiming to contribute in the improvement of the action capacity of the reserve officers of the armed forces from NATO member states. The national association of the reserve officers comprise about 800000 former military from NATO states.

Among the Academy of Foreign Languages, CIOR also comprises different commissions such as: Defense and Security, Commission for Young Officers, CIMIC, Commission of Military Sport Challenges. Also the courses of the NATO – SHAPE School from Oberammergaum, Germany are open for the reserve officers.

CIOR, annually organizes an intermediary conference, seminaries, infantry armament firing challenges, pentathlon challenge and courses of foreign languages.

Among the 55 students participating in Predeal there are 14 members of the Romanian Association of Reserve Officers and former military from ten NATO member states and four states that signed the Partnership for Peace Program.

The Romanian Association of Reserve Officers affiliated to the National Union of Reserve and Retreat Military from Romania became a full member in CIOR in 2004.

Friday, August 11, starting 15 p.m. the reserve officers will receive at “BUCEGI” Mountain Training Center the visit of military and civil officials from the Romanian Ministry of Defense. The interested journalists can visit the facility and have talks with reserve officers and reserve LT Colonel Michael Deibert, USA.

Details: Reserve Colonel Nicolae Pascut, phone: 0726694306

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