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“CONTRAAMIRAL EUSTATIU SEBASTIAN” corvette returns from the BLACKSEAFOR activation

The “Contraamiral Eustatiu Sebastian” corvette participating this month in the BLACKSEAFOR activation will return Friday, August 25 at 08.00 hours in Mangalia Military Bay.

During the mission, the Romanian corvette commanded by Captain Commander Constantin Olteanu performed different activities within the group in Novorossiysk Bay (Russian Federation), Sevastopol Bay (Ukraine) and Batumi Bay (Georgia).

In the Black Sea, the ships performed the anti air combat exercises and the fight against the surface ships, maneuvers and evolutions according to NATO/PfP proceedings, the exercises of communication, search and rescue, vitality of ships, control on board, the exchange of information in digital format and combat exercises against mines.

On August 5, 2006, Romania handed to Russia, the tactical command of the group according to the BLACKSEAFOR protocol of function.

Commander Alexandru Mirsu commanded the two Group activations during the Romanian mandate (August 2005 and April 2006).

The BLACKSEAFOR aim is to contribute in the strengthen of the friendship, good relations and trust between the states from the Black Sea region, to increase the stability and peace in the region and to improve the interoperability between the participating Navies.

Next year the BLACKSEAFOR activities will occur in Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.

The characteristics of the “Contraamiral Eustatiu Sebastian” corvette, the Tetal class, are: long - 92.3 m; width - 11.4m and draught – 3.16m . Crew: 103 (with 17 officers, 37 masters, 1 NCO and 48 contract enlisted sailors).

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