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Military career- conducted by the Ministry of Defense in a public information campaign

The Ministry of Defense will conduct starting tomorrow, September 20, 2006 up to November 20, 2006 a campaign of information, including by the media advertise, with a view to promoting the military career and to increase the attractiveness in becoming the volunteer soldiers and NCOs.

The first stage of this campaign will occur at national level between September 20 and October 20, 2006 and starting October 15, 2006 a second stage will be conducted both in Bucharest, and the Arges, Bistrita Nasaud, Braila, Buzau, Constanta, Cluj, Ilfov, Mures, Prahova, and Vrancea Counties.

The public campaign will provide the TV and radio spots, press materials and display of 20,000 posters and 100 panels in the streets. This campaign is meant to provide the Ministry of Defense with the possibility to make a wide selection basis for the volunteer soldiers and NCOs Corps, so that about 1,200 posts should be occupied by the end of this year and about 5,000 in 2007, most of them in the Army.

The armed forces complete professionalization in the perspective of the Law no. 395/2005 in force starting January 1, 2007, on the suspension of the compulsory conscription in peace time and the pass to the military service based on voluntariate requires the attraction and keeping in the military system a precious corps of NCOs and soldiers. They will substitute due to their quality the reduction of the forces required by the process of transformation of the armed forces in an organization based on volunatriate in spite of a great diversity of offers existing in Romania on the market of jobs.

The Ministry of Defense had a public auction for advertising ( conception, creation, production and broadcast) and the contract was offered based on the criteria “the most technical-economic advantageous offer” to SC Ars Advertising SA for 1,709,673.79 lei. The conditions of the contract of this auction was transmitted to be published to the RA “Monitorul Oficial”, today, September 19, 2006.

The interested persons on additional information can call 0800.808.880 or can access the MoD web site: www. and can find the TV/radio spots, models of panels and posters.

More details on this campaign can be provided by Commander Tiberiu Fratila. Phone: 0722229829.

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