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US Army guest in Romania

“I am convinced the US Army, Europe in cooperation with the Romanian Army will make the training bases we visited in Romania very useful for the training in common” stated General William S. Wallace, commander of the US Army TRADOC, during his visit in Constanta, between September 26 and 27, 2006.

The visit was the occasion for the TRADOC commander and the chief of the Romanian Army Staff, Lieutenant General Dr. Sorin Ioan for the talks on an increased program of training in common and education, especial for the NCOs.

“ We had useful talks for the establishment of technical details for the end of the agreement on the future use of our training bases” underlined General Ioan.

General Wallace stressed the fact that the personal relations are very important in the increase of bilateral military cooperation. “I appreciate very much that I had the opportunity to meet again General Ioan and I am convinced that the respect is mutual between the US Army and the Romanian Army is very important” stated the TRADOC commander.

General Wallace was appointed in his present position in October 13, 2005 after the two years of command of the Center of Joint Forces and Fort Leavenworth.

TRADOC is the structure in charge with recruitment and training of military for the US Army, the form of leaders, the support of training in the units, the increase and implementation of doctrine, the establishment of operation standards and proceedings.

TRADOC has 33 schools and 16 military bases organizing courses for about 450,00 military.

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