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New missions for the Romanian military in Iraq

The military from the 811th infantry Battalion “Dragonii Transilvani” deployed in the South of Iraq near An Nassiryah, received from their Italian partners the mission of guard of the bridge over Euphrates river and the security of the high road crossing the region towards Baghdad.

The Multinational Division South East command trusted the Romanian military with new missions within the Coalition due to the fact that the Italian troops are retreating.

The 811th Infantry Battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel tudorel Dragonici thinks the new missions represent the prove of trust the Coalition have for the professionalism of the Romanian military in maintaining the security in their area of responsibility.

The bridge over the Eufrat river is a strategic objective for the Coalition being the only way between North and South of Iraq, between the gulf (Basra) and Baghdad.

The 3rd Iraqi Brigade received September 21 the control of security in Dhi Qar area from the Italian forces. Now, the missions the Romanians are fulfilling in the area of res[ponsibility in support of the Iraqi forces and the Coalition forces are the permanent guard of the bridge over the Euphrates river and the guard of the deployment camp.

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