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The first series of voluntary soldiers within the Romanian Navy

The official training program of the first series of voluntary soldiers will occur Saturday, March 10, at 10 a.m. at the Navy Training Center in Mangalia, in the presence of the chief of Navy Staff, Flotilla Rear-Admiral Dorin Danila.

142 voluntary soldiers (among them there are 4 girls) will have in the future 4-5 months a training program on two components:
- individual training module ( 2 months) – focused on the general and tactical military training for the gain of the individual protection approach, combat and training with the existing armament/equipment;
- improvement of training (2-3 months) - focused on the military special training, specific for the Navy and the military specialties the volunteers will be rolled on.

The voluntary soldiers and the NCOs represent the professionalised military personnel on which the military hierarchy is based on and in the same time it is a source in forming the non-commissioned officers.

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