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Conference of the Chiefs of General Staffs from the Balkans Countries

The Chiefs of the General Staffs from the Balkans Countries will join April 18, in Tessalonik, Greece for a Conference focused on the improvement of cooperation and security at regional level.

The 11 military leaders from the region – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, FYROM and Turkey – will explore the possibility of a solid and effective cooperation in the Balkans. This initiative’s aim is the strengthening of the relations between these states through cooperation, transparency and promotion of a valuable regional security balance having in view the significant role of NATO and the European Union in the region.

Also, the participants will try to find out the way of action for the development of the tools, mechanisms and approaches at inter-Balkanic level, for the improvement of communication, the increase of the coordinated response to a regional crisis and the increase of the inter-regional trust.

The Conference will be opened by Mister Evangelos MELMARAKIS, Minister of Defense of the Hellenic Republic.

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