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Minister of Defense, Teodor Melescanu issued the Order on the measures to be taken in the MoD structures, according to the legal stipulations on the organization and development of the national referendum on May 19, 2007, thus:
- Military, students and pupils from the military education institutions, soldiers and volunteered NCOs and civilian personnel will have the possibility to vote, according to the law, in their residence locality. Those in guard or other operative missions can vote according to art 21, Law no. 3/2000.
- For coordination of the voting activity in the theaters of operations there will be established an operative group at the 2nd Joint Operational Command.
- For the military personnel in external missions there will be organized 9 voting stations (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and on “Regina Maria” frigate)
- The military radio and TV programs, the central and territorial publications will not broadcast/publish the information launched by the political parties or political material, or comments related to the campaign for the referendum. The military press will not publish the exit polls ordered by the political parties on the referendum.
- The commanders of the units and the commanders of the garrisons will not allow the organization of events or political propaganda ( meetings, discussions, press conferences, pre or post referendum) in the military units or areas of the Romanian Armed Forces
- The commanders, with military bands in their subordination, will not approve their participation in activities related to the referendum. All the military ceremonies occurring till May 19 will strictly observe the inner rules.
- Occasioned by the specific actions organized and developed before and during the referendum, the MoD personnel can not develop political activities.
- It is forbidden for the Armed Forces personnel to do public statements or press declarations on the referendum.
- The MoD personnel will not participate in distribution of campaign materials for the referendum. The commanders of the units will not allow distribution or advertising material in their units.
- The press representatives asking information from the personnel will be send to the PR officers. Only the PR officers are allowed to respond the questions according to stipulations of the Law 544/2001 on the free access to public interest information with modifications and enlarged edition.
- Between May 17 and 20, 2007 there will not be firings with individual armament, they will not work with explosives and there will not be the firings. In special cases, the commanders could ask the Chief of the General Staff ‘s permission for the development of the previous planned activities.

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