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Action developed by the Romanian military for the support of the Afghani population

Military of the 812th Infantry Battalion “Soimii Carpatilor” developed together with the policemen from the structures of the Afghani National Police a new mission of CIMIC evaluation in Afghanistan.

The action was developed this week in Spin Ghbarga village, placed near the highway connecting Kandahar and Kabul, at about 20 km far from Lagman base, the place of deployment of the Romanian military. The mission was planned, organized and developed by the Romanian military and was headed by the Battalion CIMIC officer, Lieutenant Dan Adrian.

This was the second mission of this type, fulfilled by the Romanian military, this month, for the evaluation of possibility to build a system of irrigation of the vegetal cultures, very necessary for the population in this region.

Developing such kind of project, the people of the village could benefit of six deep water wells with the adequate pumps, so that the wells could very well be used in irrigation for the agriculture.

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