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General McNeill is visiting the “Soimii Carpatilor”

Military of the 812th Infantry Battalion “Soimii Carpatilor” deployed in Lagman Base, Afghanistan were visited Wednesday, May 23, by General Dan K. McNeill, the ISAF commander and Major General Jacko Page, the new commander of the South Region.

The Romanian Battalion commander, Major Ovidiu Uifaleanu, presented an information on the state of security in the area of responsibility, the missions fulfilled by the military within the Task Force Zabul and the risks they confronted with.

The cooperation with the Afghani National Forces of Security, and with the local authorities to maintain the stability in the region, represented an issue on which they focused during the visit. The Romanian military stressed on their mission in Afghanistan is the maintain of security, so important for the development of the Afghani society.

In this context, the chief of Qalat Provincial Reconstruction Team, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Fischer presented the Zabul Province civilian projects of development.

“I thank you for serving ISAF in this noble appeal for supporting the people of Afghanistan” wrote General Dan K. McNeill at the end of his visit, in the Book of Honor of the 812th Infantry Battalion “Soimii Carpatilor”.

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