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George Cristian Maior, State Secretary and chief of Department for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defense Policy participated in Brussels to NATO Conference on "Politics of Military Personnel" invited by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and German Marshall Fund of the United States the organizers of this event.

The lecture "Professionalization of Forces and Management of Personnel-Case of Romania and the Future Trans-Atlantic Challenges" delivered by State Secretary Maior as special guest of the Conference gained the interest of political and military analysts, personalities from academic environment from NATO members and invited states.

Mr. Maior presented at the beginning of his lecture the evolution of the Armed Forces professionalization process and the policies of military personnel saying "one of the goals of the defense policy is the construction of a small, flexible, interoperable and quickly developed force as a vehicle of the transformation for the new type of the strategy of personnel. Thus the decision was taken at the beginning of this year for a complete professionalization of the Armed Forces till 2007"

The complete professionalization of the Romanian Armed Forces mainly serves to two interdependent goals: the first, is the construction of capacities based on operations creating an advantage for an efficient cooperation adapted to the new types of operations for the new types of risks and secondly, is the relation between the evolution of the military body and the changes of the civil society.

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