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Ministry of Defense strongly denies the statements published today in a central newspaper, according to which, the Romanian Armed Forces UAV Shadow 600, would perform intelligence missions into the Black Sea’s international waters and at the Ukraine border as well.

Referring to the number of the aircrafts specified in the article, we state precisely that Romanian Armed Forces has never acquired more than nine aircrafts of this model.
The UAV Shadow 600, belonging to the Romanian Armed Forces, do not perform missions on the national territory, excepting the training ones, possible natural relief disasters interventions or seek and save missions for some missing person.

At the present time, in accordance with No 17 Decision of the Romanian Parliament, from June 26, 2003, some of these aircrafts are shifted to Iraq performing missions for the South-Central Multinational Division.

The other aircrafts are transferred to Mihail Kogalniceanu (from 2005) performing only training flights, without passing the airdrome district.

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