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Romanian military parading under the Arch of Triumph in Paris

35 Romania military of the 30th Guard Regiment “Mihai Viteazu” will parade Saturday, July 14, on the Champs-Elysees, in Paris, in the traditional parade for the National Day of the French Republic.

For the first time a Romanian Armed Forces’ Detachment is participating in the parade under the Arch of Triumph in the French capital; till now only the Combat Colors of the 30th Guard Regiment participated in the event.

Together with the Romanian military there will participate the Detachments of all the EU member states invited by the French Defense Ministry for the activities occurring in Paris. The Romanian MoD is represented by Major General Stefan Oprea, deputy Director of the General Staff.

The Romanian sub-unit, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Raileanu, trained on the French boulevard together with the 6,000 participants in the parade, and on July 14 they will wear the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” uniform.

Details: French MoD

The cooperation relations between Romania and France along the time had increased and developed within the Romania-French special Partnership initiated in February 1997.
The Romanian-French military cooperation is developed according to the bilateral military plans, on endowment, defense policy, training of military and civilian personnel, training in common, professionalization and on scientific research.
Training in common of the Mountain Troops and pilots, strategies of training for Infantry, Artillery and Transmission Schools, and participation in the multinational exercises are few of the activities performed together. The Romanian Navy officers are participating in training on board of the French ships. The French language is learned in the Academies and the Centers of Foreign Languages.
Starting 1990, the Romanian Armed Forces benefited of 400 places in the education system in France, such as: command and staff, engineering, logistics, medical care and military justice. The cooperation in military education is made within courses, lectures, stages of preparation of Ph.D. theses for the representatives of the Military Technical Academy in the French institutions.
The Romanian part benefited till 2006 of expertise on military education due to the presence of a French counselor for the Directorate of Human Resources Management.

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