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17 officers and 1 WO from MoND units will participate between March 25 and April 5, 03 to NATO/PfP "COOPERATIVE JAGUAR 2003" exercise developed in air base Karup, Denmark. Bringing together about 500 military from 17 state members of the Alliance and some states that signed the Partnership for Peace (Azerbaidjan, Estonia, Finland, Letonia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Romania and Sweden). This is the first integrated command exercise developed after the Prague Summit in a period of re-organization of NATO command and control structure.

The aim of this exercise is to improve the skills of the participants for working together in a joint command according to NATO proceedings in planning and leading the peace support operations and the response in case of crisis.

The Romanian military are working in the integrated command of the multinational force and in ground compound command built for solving the situations to be played during the exercise.

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