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The military doctors are celebrating in August 21, 2007 the 145 years since the establishment of the Body of Medical Officers. This occasion, they will lay wreaths at the Monument of Medical Heroes (Piata Eroilor) at 9 a.m. and at the grave of the founder of military medicine, doctor Carol Davila (intersectia str. Ana Davila with str. G-ral medic Atanase Demosthene).

The Body of Medical Officers and the General Directorate of Romanian Medical Service have been established on August 21, 1862 by the High Decree of the King. It was the specialized body for the preservation of health of the Romanian armed forces.

Ever since the beginning, the military medicine benefited from the Division General doctor Carol Davila’s professionalism and qualities, who was the general inspector of the armed forces medical service, director of the School of Medicine (founder of the military medical education and the superior medical education in our country), inspector of medical central administration and ephor of hospitals.

Internally and externally, along the time the military doctors became well known personalities in the medical world.

Nowadays, the military medical system is re-organized according to the new Conception on re-organization and modernization of the military medical system, approved by the Supreme Council of Defense of the Homeland.

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