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A tragic event occurred September 6, in the after-noon, in Afghanistan. Senior Sergeant Aurel Marcu died on duty. Lieutenant Nicolae Grigore and NCO Alex Octavian Zafiu have been wounded and transported immediately by a MEDEVAC helicopter to the military hospital in Kandahar.

The Romanian military were in an armoured amphibious carrier in mission of intervention in Zabul province. The carrier, the first of a column of three vehicles, was in mission in Northeast of Qalat when passed over an explosive device. After the explosion the carrier was severely damaged. The Senior Sergeants Mircea Solomon and Marius Enescu from the same vehicle had medical assistance at the military hospital in Qalat base. The Romanian military are enlisted in the 33rd Mountain Battalion “Posada” deployed in Afghanistan in July 2007.
Senior Sergeant Aurel Marcu, 31 years old, was married and had a child.

The MoD leaders, the Defense Minister Teodor Melescanu expressed their deep regret for this tragic accident and transmitted condolences to the family of Senior Sergeant Aurel Marcu.

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