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Reunion of counselors from Bucharest Garrison

Major General Tudor Munteanu, deputy chief of Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Information, opened Thursday, September 6, the works of the “Reunion of professional training of the counselors from Bucharest garrison”, at the National Military Cercle.

The counselors from 26 military units from Bucharest are participating in the two days Reunion.

During the debates, General Munteanu stated that the resource the specialists in law is a unique one for the commanders of units and the personnel of their units.

Present in this Reunion, chief of Directorate of Legislation and Juridical Assistance, Brigade General Ilie Botos, stated that at the level of the structure he is leading, they had most of the cases and the specialists with the highest expertise in this domain are acting in this structure.

The Reunion of counselors from Bucharest is the first of a series of meetings to be run this year in other garrisons, too.

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