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Romanian military in dialogue with the Iraqi local leaders

During the first month in the theater of operations in Iraq, the military from the 32nd Infantry Battalion “Mircea” from Timisoara, had few meetings with the local leaders of Dhi Qar and Al Muthanna provinces.

The day of inauguration of the school in Al Badur, the first day of school in Dhi Qar province, was established for October 1, during the meeting held Tuesday, September 11, by the Battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Cristian Dinulica with sheik Uday Al Shershab Al Badur.

They also had talks on the start of the campaign of medical assistance and the installation of a water supply station for the daily need of the population.

This type of contacts aim to identify the problems the population is confronting with, in the area of responsibility of the Romanian Battalion having in view that one of the main missions of our military in Iraq is to ensure the stability based on trust and mutual respect.

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