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A Detachment of the Romanian Air Force is participating between September 24 and October 4, in the Romanian-Hungarian search and rescue at the common border “CROSS LANDING 2007” exercise.

The Romanian Detachment consists of 4 IAR 330 helicopters, technical and medical staff from the 71st Campia Turzii Air Base.

The exercise, at the second edition, aims to train the crews of the helicopters and the personnel in search and rescue common operations, to mutually grant the support for military planes, crews and passengers in emergency situation in the air, near the two countries state border and to perform the operational proceedings according to the international agreements and protocols.

“CROSS LANDING 2007” is developed based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Romanian Ministry of Defense and the Hungarian Ministry of Defense and is structured on two stages. The first will be developed between September 24 and 26 in Hungary and will consist of search and rescue missions in Roszaly region and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) towards Debrecen hospital. The second stage will be developed between October 1 and 3, in Romania and will consist in missions in Vinga region and Giarmata airdrome, Timisoara.

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