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Military ceremony at the 21st Mountain Battalion in Predeal

The 21st Mountain Battalion from Predeal organizes Friday, November 2, starting 11 hours, a military ceremony occasioned by the receive of the honored nomination as “General Leonard Mociulschi”.

Guests in the ceremony are the representatives of the Minister of Defense and the local public institutions, war veterans and military in reserve and retreat from the Mountain Corps, members of the Royal House.

Exceptionally military personality, Leonard Mociulschi was born in Suceava County in 1889. He chooses the military career in 1910 when he was admitted in the School of Infantry Officers. He graduated in 1912 as Second Lieutenant and participated in the Balcanic War in 1913. During the First World War, Leonard Mociulschi was the commander of the 10th Company of the 29th Dorohoi Infantry Regiment, and at the end of the War was promoted in rank of Captain due to his heroism in Oituz and Soveja battles for which he was decorated by King Ferdinand. In 1940, Leonard Mociulschi was appointed deputy commander of the Mountain Joint Brigade and in 1941 he received “Mihai Viteazu” Order, second class, in rank of Knight.

During the Second World War, in 1942, Leonard Mociulschi was promoted as Brigade General and appointed as deputy commander of the 4th Mountain Division. This big unit played an important and decisive role in the offensive in Sevastopol region.

During the anti-Axis campaign, General Mociulschi commanded the Crisuri Group and participated in the fights for liberation of Transylvania. In the fights that followed, the victories in Javorina Massive brought to General Mociulschi the “Mihai Vitaezu” Order with spades, second class.

In 1945, Leonard Mociulschi was promoted at the command of the Mountain Corps. He died in April 15, 1979, at the age of 90. Today, in Romania, many streets have his name and two statues (in Beius and Sighetul Marmatiei) are honoring the memory of this brave forefather of Mociulschi family.

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