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NATO-Romania consultations on the contribution with forces that our country as a future member will destined to the North Atlantic Alliance will be organized between October 20 and 22, 03 at HAIDUCULUI Military Hotel, in Bucharest.

The consultations will be focused on harmonization between NATO's requests and the Romanian offer based on the Strategic Commandes 2004. The works will be developed plenary for the general requests on forces and on sections for those concerning the services of the Armed Forces.

NATO delegation is headed by Frank Boland, director of Planning of Forces and Brigade General Michael Combest, chief of Planning and Request Section and comprises experts from the International Secretary, International General Staff and the Allied Command for Transformation.

The Romanian part will be represented by experts from the central structures of the Ministry of National Defense, General Staff and services, coordinated by Lieutenant General Ioan Gavril Ghitas, adviser for the chief of Department for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defense Policy.

At the experts level at the end of the two days they will define the request for the packet of forces our country will contribute to the missions in 2005-10 the collective defense, includingly.

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