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Minister Melescanu visited the Romanian military that were wounded in Iraq

“I congratulate you for your return home and we are proud of what you have done for the fulfillment of mission” stated the Defense Minister to the three military repatriated from the German hospital and visited today, November 17 at the Military Central Emergency Hospital.

During the short ceremony Minister Teodor Melescanu decorated Lieutenant Colonel Dorin Petrut, NCO Danut Nicola and soldier Catalin Sorin Popa with “Emblema de onoare a armatei romane” for their professionalism, spirit of sacrifice, determination and courage proved during their missions in the theaters of operations in Iraq.

Teodor Melescanu talked with the military and the doctors’ team and ensured them on the support the MoD leaders do for the continuation of treatment and recovery of their working capacity.

They were assured they will receive all their rights and the armed forces will be closed to them and their families.
The decorated military were brought home during this week from Landstuhl hospital, Germany.

Lieutenant Colonel Dorin Petrut in NATO mission of training the Iraqi armed forces was wounded on September 11, after a missile attack over the base, near Baghdad. He was transported to Ramstein hospital, suffered few interventions to the left shank. He is in a recovery program at the Central Military Emergency Hospital, Orthopedics.
NCO Nicola Danut and soldier Catalin Sorin Popa had been treated in Ramstein, too after the serious event happened in Iraq on September 21. Danut Nicola had splinters in his belly. He had a fracture at nose and burns on 5% of his body. Soldier suffered burns on 20% of his body and had a cranial- cerebral traumatism. The two military are now in the Central Military Emergency Hospital, Plastic Surgery.

In order to evaluate the wounded Romanians’ state of health, the Defense Ministry, Teodor Melescanu ordered on September 27 a medical team to go to the US Ramstein base, Germany.
The military doctors had the mission to identify together with the US doctors the future therapy for each of the military so they could benefit of adequate medical care and recovery home, too. The medical team was together with members of the families of the Romanians that were wounded in Iraq.

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