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“MK -2007 Simulation Exercise

The Ministry of Defense as the Designated Authority, organized and led between November 21 and 22, the “MK-2007” simulation exercise through the Center of Coordination and Monitorization of Implementation of the Agreement of Access from the Department for Policy of Defense and Planning.

“MK 2007” mend the artificial creation of possible situations and events and mainly aimed the training of the decision makers to take the necessary decisions in due time, to improve the capacity of reaction, to identify and operatively remedy the deficiency established during the exercise.

The aim of the exercise was to check the capacity of reaction, analyze and decision of the central structures from the Ministry of Defense and other Ministries responsible for the implementation of the “Agreement between Romania and the United States of America on the activity of the US forces stationed on the Romanian territory” signed in Bucharest, December 6, 2005 and ratified by Law no. 268/July 29, 2006 and the arrangements of implementation.

The Director of this exercise was the State Secretary and chief of Department for the Policy of Defense and Planning, Corneliu Dobritoiu.

The conclusions on the development of this exercise will be analyzed in the future reunion of Interministerial Committee for Implementation of Agreement, established by the Decision of the Government no. 565/2007.

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