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Opportunities for the military profession

The Ministry of Defense through the County Information-Recruitment Offices develops till January 7, 2008, the activity of recruitment for the young candidates for the military profession in the subordinated units. For the first series of training to start on March 2008, about 1,855 places exist for the following specialties: auto, engineering, communications and informatics, NBC defense, rockets and artillery, infantry, tanks, navy, radiolocation, paratroopers, logistics, aviation, military police. The candidates with or without military stage must fulfill the following general conditions to participate in competition:
- age, between 18 and 26;
- Romanian citizenship and stable residence in the country;
- can be males or females, graduates of ,at least, the lyceum low cycle or art and vocational schools with certification of graduate/professional qualification, level 1, and if they are in the last year of studies, they have to prove the graduate/promotion of exam till the beginning of the training program;
- not penal convicted or under the penal inquiry;
- medically and psychologically suited, according to the specific parameters;
- good physical condition.

For certain services and military specialties they have to observe the specific requirements, too.

The main advantages the young people will have, according to the Law no. 384/2006 are the following:
- sign, at the beginning of their hire, of a contract for up to four years, and the next contracts can last for 2/3 years, up to the limit of age in rank, established by law at 40 years, according to the institution’s needs;
- possibility to be selected, up to the age of 30, for the main course for NCO command; this military category is the main source for the NCOs formation;
- they have the right to the monthly pay, the free of charge equipment and food or compensation for food, and medical assistance and medicines, according to the law; they benefit of military documents for free transportation for their hollidays or in case they change the garrisons, and a monthly compensation for rent in case they do not have their own apartment;
- the age in service of the volunteer military will be taken into account for their pension and other social insurance rights;
- the voluntary military will participate in international missions, according the MoD needs.

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