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MoD Leadership in Contact with Romanians in KFOR

The Romanian Defence Minister Teodor Meleșcanu held a video-tele-conference with the Romanian troops who are part of the NATO stability force in Kosovo, on February 19.
The Deputy Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Mihail Orzeață and the Director of General Staff Major General Ștefan Oprea also took part.
Minister Teodor Meleșcanu was assured that the troops’morale is good and that Romanian soldiers were not involved in any incidents.
The Romanian detachment’s Commander in KFOR, Major Daniel Pop, briefed on the accomplishment of the missions they were assigned, namely to ensure the civilian population’s security in their area of responsibility. The situation there is calm, and no threats or hostile attitudes towards the Romanian soldiers were registered.
The defence minister stressed that he wanted to be informed on any problem that might arise so that they can be provided with all necessary means needed to carry out their missions.
The Romanian troops are deployed in the Gorazdevac region, inhabitted by a Serb majority, and they operate under UN Security Council Resolution no. 1244.

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