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Bulgarian Chief of Army Staff visiting Romania

The Bulgarian Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Ivan Dobrev is visiting Romania, between February 25 – 28 februarie, at the invitation of his Romanian counterpart, Lieutenant General Teodor Frunzeti.

The two officials discussed topics regarding an extended and diversified bilateral cooperation between the Army Staffs of the two caountries, as well as issues related to the Romanian and Bulgarian troops’ joint participation in the theatres of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo.

General Frunzeti stressed the need for a working group with the Training and Doctrine structures of the two services with the main task to draw up a bilateral plan of common training on a short - and medium-term.

”We intend that Infantry units and subunits of the Romanian and Bulgarian Armies conduct common trainings throughout the year 2008”, according to the Chief of the Romanian Army Staff.

General Dobrev and General Frunzeti also discussed issues concerning the enhancement of the common training on the Romanian and Bulgarian territory, the two firing ranges of Babadag and Novoselo with all the necessary facilities, and the contribution to the EU Battle Groups.

General Dobrev’s official visit in Romania also included a meeting with the Deputy Chief of the Romanian Defence, Lieutenant General Mihai Orzeata. General Dobrev will also meet State Secretary Corneliu Dobritoiu and will visit the Warrant Officer and NCO Military School in Pitesti.

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