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Final Preparations at the Ministry of Defence

The Romanian Defence Ministry personnel involved in the NATO Summit organization in Bucharest conducted, on March 18, a wide-scope joint exercise simulating various crisis situations thay might occur during the event.
The purpose of the exercise is to test the command and control system, the response and intervention capacity of the armed forces to carry out specific missions in order to ensure safety and security measures during the NATO Summit 2008, and to train the decision-making system in solving complex situations.
At the end of the exercise, the leading officials concluded that all defence forces assigned to ensure security during the Summit are ready and capable to carry out its missions, and that the command, control and communications system functions at best parameters.
The Ministry of Defence participates with troops and equipment in all the areas of responsibility stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Romania and the Summit organizers.
The air and maritime security measures are the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence exclusively. Romanian air space security is ensured by using both Romanian Air Force and NATO military capabilities. Maritime security is ensured by the Romanian Navy with seamen and equipment.
The Armed Forces’ security mission involves the participation with a significant number of fighter aircraft, helicopters, airlift, medical evacuation, ground based air defence systems, combat ships, equipment specific of staff activity, logistical support, from all armed forces’ services.
Further defence forces engaged in the MoD contribution come from Special Operations Forces, Defence Intelligence General Directorate, trained in the conduct of direct actions and counter-terrorist intervention as well as NBC and engineer units, and EOD divers.
The actions of the Ministry of Defence, engaging more than 4,000 personnel for this mission, are integrated in the general concept regarding the Summit security, and are conducted in close cooperation with the other miniswtries and agencies with responsibilities in the field of national security.

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