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Signal Force Day

The National Military Museum “Regele Ferdinand” will host different activities occasioned by the celebration of 135 years since the establish of the Signal and Informatics Force, under the “Signal Force Day” logo, Saturday, July 12 and Sunday July 13.
Among the activities hosted within the anniversary context, one can enumerate the following:
- Connections with the theatres of operations performed with the modern signal equipment, our armed forces are endowed with;
- Parade of old uniforms and costumes;
- Military marches and famous tunes from national and international repertory from the Second World War;
- Music of military bands;
- Radio-amateurs Club;
- “Militaria” Collectors Fair;
- Competitions for children: “Micul transmisionist”, “Micul informatician”, “Micul dorobant”, “Tir cu arma de calibru redus”, “Demonstratie columbofila”;
- Distribution of “war food” prepared in the campaign kitchens;
- Photo-document Show “135 years since the establish of the Signal and Informatics Force”;
- Launch of photo-documentary album “Signal and Informatics Force – 135 years of history, July 14, 1873- July 14, 2008”;
- Exhibition of signal equipment used between the two World Wars;
- Exhibition of old books, and special rules and instructions;
- Exhibition of Romanian signal uniforms and war medals;
- Historical reconstitutions – workshops;
- CLP connections – during the First World War;
- Phone connections – during the Second World War;
- Radiotelegraphic connections – R-104 radio set (the ‘60s);
- Radio waves – R-105, R-1070 radio sets ( the ‘70s and the ‘80s);
- Training according the rules from 1890.

The first Section of Signal Force within a Mining Company of the Engineering Battalion was established through the High Decree no. 1303, from July 14, 1873 and this date marks the Signal Force “birthday”.

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