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State Secretary Georgeta Ionescu in visit to the Romanian military

State Secretary Georgeta Ionescu had between July 28 and August 1, a working visit in Afghanistan to meet in Lagman Base, Qalat, the military from the 30th Mountain Battalion “Dragoslavele”, commanded by Major Virgil Ovidiu Pop.

“The MoD leaders know all the problems you are confronting with and I assure you, they will try to find out the adequate solutions to solve them. I am sure you will perform the mission in very good conditions, and what is more important, you will return safety at home” stated the State Secretary to the Romanian military in Qalat. The working agenda also comprised the meeting with Major General J.G.M. Lessard, ISAF RC-S to whom the Romanian Battalion in Qalat is subordinated to. During the talks they approached the issues on the present and the future of ISAF missions in this country, stressing on the general frame of development of the operations of security, stability and reconstruction. General Lessard expressed his special appreciation for the Romanians’ performance in their permanent difficult missions, for their significant contribution in improving the security in Zabul province. State Secretary also met Del Bar Jan Arman, Governor of Zabul province and Major General Jamaluden Gamalaleem, commander of the 2nd ANA Brigade.

Governor Arman thanked for the effort Romania is doing alongside the entire international community, for the stabilization and reconstruction of Afghanistan. The governor underlined that the presence of the Romanian military is a direct benefit for the population in Zabul province. “The security of the A1 highway, the most important way between Qalat and Kandahar, ment the improvement of transport and increase of economy in the region, and the people are thankful for this” stated the governor.

At his turn, Major General Gamalalee stressed on the importance of the permanent support the Romanian military grant to ANA forces: “The missions the Romanian contingent are performing here, at permanent contact with the Taliban insurgence are extremely difficult and dangerous. The Romanians are very good fighters and gained not only our respect but the local population’s, too.”

Now, 1425 Romanian military are participating in missions abroad; thus: 644 in Afghanistan, 501in Iraq, 208 in the Western Balkans and 72 in the UN missions or as liaison officers in different contingents.
The Romanian Armed Forces have troops in operations in Afghanistan since 2002.
The 30th Mountain Battalion “Dragoslavele” from Campulung Muscel replaced in Qalat the 300th Mechanized Infantry Battalion “Sfantul Andrei” from Galati.

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