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Gifts for the children of the heroes that were killed in actions or wounded in the theatres of operations

The children of the heroes from the theatres of operations and of the militaries that were killed in actions home or in international missions, received the gifts within the meeting that was organized Friday December 5, by the MoD leaders, occasioned by the Winter Holliday.

Chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin appreciated the importance of such activities for the children that “hardly understand why their father is no longer a father but a hero” and “warmly watch them from their photos”.

On this occasion, State Secretary Georgeta Ionescu re-affirmed the MoD leaders’ commitment “to be with these children every moment and although this is not always possible, the Winter Holidays offer us the possibility to be together and we hope that in future we shall see together more often.”

The children received their gifts around the Christmas tree and participated in contests, games with balloons, paint on their faces and in magic show special organized for them.

The event was supported by the General Staff, staffs of services and “CAMARAZII” Armed Forces Charity Association.

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