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The MoD leaders in video-teleconference

Minister of Defense, Mihai Stanisoara participated Tuesday, December 23, in his first day of mandate, together with the Chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, in the video-teleconference with the Romanian militaries in missions in the theatres of operations.
The commanders of the Romanian military structures from Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo stressed on the newest elements of security in their areas of responsibility and the way the Romanians are fulfilling their missions. They presented too, how the units and the subunits are preparing for the Christmas Day and the New Year ceremony and transmitted all their best to their commanders and comrades, at home, in the country. The Minister of Defense thanked to all the militaries and expressed his hope they will continue to be as concerned as always on their missions.
“I know it is hard to be far from home in winter events, but this is another reason to appreciate more what you are doing now” stated Minister Mihai Stanisoara to the commanders of Detachments.
On his turn, Admiral Marin transmitted his wishes and those of the General Staff’s leaders to all the Romanian militaries in missions abroad.

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