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After the successful mission "Thunder of Carpathians" the Bistrita men from the 812th Infantry Battalion deployed in Afghanistan within the "Enduring Freedom" mission participated together with the American military to "Valiant Strike" operation developed between March 17 and 30, 03.

"Valiant Strike" developed in Sami Ghar Mountains in SouthEast of Kandahar aimed to search for and eliminate Al-Qaeda elements. "Carpathian Falcons" participated to this mission with artillery support forces that delivered indirect fire support for the maneuver elements consisting in illumination of objectives, fire with explosive bombs for discouraging the enemy. Most of the missions were performed during the night in difficult weather conditions, sand storms and heavy winds.

At the end of this mission 16 persons were arrested as suspects or known as supporters of terrorist groups acting in this region. There were discovered and destroyed large quantities of armament and ammunition and captured 107 mm missiles and heavy armaments with the respective ammunition.

Romanian military concomitantly participated to "Village Team" missions consisting in aiding the local population with food, clothes and shoes. They informed the population on the Romanian and American military presence in region.

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