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“CMX 2004” Crisis Management Exercise

The annual Crisis Management Exercise CMX will be developed between March 4 and 10, 04 with the participation of the 19 NATO members and for the first time the 7 countries invited to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

CMX 2004 organized under NATO general secretary’s patronage is guided together by the International Secretary, the International Military General Staff and the two NATO strategic commands – Allied Command for Operations and Allied Command for Transformation.

The goal of this exercise is to apply the crisis management proceedings including the civilians-military cooperation in order to maintain and to strengthen the crisis management capacity of the Alliance.

CMX 2004 scenario is hypothetical and comprises a crisis situation on the territory of a member of the Alliance thus implying the appliance of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty for managing an ecological accident including terrorist treats and use of mass destruction weapons. During the exercise the troops will be not deployed, the participants acting in NATO command locations and in the national capitals.

The representatives of the 7 states invited to became NATO members in April 2004 will watch the way the exercise is developed and will became familiar with the working proceedings for crisis management within the Alliance.

In order to participate to this exercise Romania made a National Cell of Response. Participants to this Cell are representatives from all the ministers and structures with attributions in crisis management (Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Woods, Waters and Environment, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, General Secretary of the Government, Romanian Information Service, Foreign Information Service). The Cell is coordinated by a National Director Committee consisting in State Secretaries from Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs and General Secretary of the Government.

The Operational Center for Military Leading from the General Staff will host the National Cell of Response. The Romanian participation to CMX 2004 is an opportunity in testing and evaluating the present system of response in situations of crisis, in exercising certain structures, elements and responsibilities that could be part of the future draft dedicated to the Integrated National System of Crisis Management.

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