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Lt. Col. Liviu Flutur, PR officer of the Romanian contingent in mission in Iraq transmitted:
“The Romanian soldiers are our friends! They came to help the Iraqi people and to maintain the security. We are very pleased about their activity”. These are the thoughts expressed by most of the local leaders during the meeting with the 26th Infantry Battalion commander, Saturday, March 22, 04 in Suq ash Shuyukh, Karmat Bani said, Al Fuhud and Al Fudliyah.

One of the priorities the Battalion has is to establish the contacts with the local leaders and chiefs of the local councils in order to identify the social problems the population is confronting with. In the same time they have to observe the attitude of the local population towards the soldiers from Craiova and the possibility to start new projects for the improvement of life of the habitants.

“The first meetings with the local representatives we had in the first days of the arrival in White Camp” Lt. Col. Nicolae Ciuca, the Battalion’s commander said.

“We said that only in an open dialog we can find together the viable solutions for the problems the population has. Now we evaluated the steps we made and we established what we have to do in the future.” The troubles of these people are countless, gathered during the dictatorship, the preoccupation of the Romanian military are focused on establishing the priorities. The first is the security of the citizens. The ways and the railways are the preferred areas for the thieves to attack. As a result, there have been taken the measures to increase the patrols and to establish new check points on the main ways. In this context, the optimum modalities for improving the endowment with equipment and armaments of the local police are thought in order to have the force required for implication in conflict situations.

In Iraq, the water represents a luxury in spite the fact that the south of the country is traversed by Tiger and Eufrat rivers. As a result, great projects financed by the Forces of the Coalition are to be done for developing stations of water purification and installations of water distribution.

‘We want to build a sincere relation and to be engaged only in actions we can turn to end” said Major Gabriel Toma, deputy commander of Red Scorpions. “The population needs food, water, jobs and safety of life. These days we give sugar to the people from a very poor region. Wednesday, we will inaugurate a school renovated according to a project coordinated by us on the Coalition funds and Thursday we will meet with other local leaders”.

The continuity is another characteristic of the actions developed by the Romanians in mission for reconstruction and stabilization of Iraq, according to an Arabian saying: “If you have a friend, see him often because the thorns grow on the path no one any longer walk”.

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