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Ph. D. George Cristian Maior State Secretary and chief of Department for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defence Policy participated Monday, May 17, 04 to the Reunion of EU Defense ministers in format 25+5 (EU members and Bulgaria, Island, Norway, Romania and Turkey) organized in Brussels.

The Romanian official lectured on the Romania’s engagement in developing the European defence capabilities stressing on our determination to become an active part of this process through the new offer of forces for “Helsinki Force Catalogue Supplementary 2004” and in perspective for 2010. Mr. Maior re-affirmed Romania’s disposability in participating to the Europen future mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina at least at the level our country is already involved in SFOR mission led by NATO. State Secretary Maior expressed the interest Romania has in participation to the future projects of the European Agency of Defence Capabilities.

iIssues on the European defence aims for 2010 and the mechanisms of establishment and engagement of the EU Rapid Reaction Force were also analyzed during the reunion. They also approached different aspects on structure, responsibilities and working manner of the “Civil/Military Planning Cell” and the cooperation and increase of connections between the EU planning structures and the NATO similar ones.

Dep. for Euro-Atlantic Integration
and Defense Policy


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