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“ASW LIVEX 2004” international exercise will be organized between May 19 and 20, 04 in the Black Sea international waters. Five ships and a submarine of the Bulgarian Navy , a corvette 263 “Viceamiral Eugeniu Rosca” of the Romanian Navy will participate to this exercise.

The exercise is organized and led by the Bulgarian Navy Staff and aims the increase of the interoperability between Bulgarian and Romanian Navy in anti submarine fight. NATO operational standards will be used during this exercise and the personnel will be trained for specific activities of planning, analyze, command and control. There will also be developed the submarine research and track in a determined area and NATO communications proceedings will be used for maneuver, anti submarine fight and maritime overwatch.

Captain Commander Adrian Lepadatu is commanding the Corvette 263 by with 1500 t displacement and the size (length x width x seascape) : 92.4 x 11.7 x 3.1 meters. The ship is propelled by four 13,000 HP Diesel engines with a speed of 24 knots. 107 Romanian military will be implied within this exercise.

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