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The main activities of the Romanian-Serbian-Montegreo bilateral exercise “BLUE ROAD 2004” will be developed Saturday May 29, 04 at the hydroenergetic and navigation system “Portile de Fier I” in the presence of the two states personalities, officials of the Romanian Government and the institutions from the national defence system.

The demonstrative exercises will test how the military, the gendarmes, the firemen and the fighters from the Antiterrorist Brigade will act together in cooperation with similar structures from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro for the management of the hostile actions against an objective of common strategic importance.

From the Romanian side the “BLUE ROAD 2004” exercise is coordinated by the Ministry of National Defence and in this activity also are implied the local administrations and the following ministers: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Waters Management, Romanian Intelligence Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunications Service and Guard and Protection Service.

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