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Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defence and Prvoslav Davinic, his counterpart from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro participated Saturday, May 29, 04 at “Portile de Fier” Hydroenergetic and Navigation System to “BLUE ROAD 2004” exercise for which institutions of the Romanian national defence system cooperated with the forces of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro for over border crises management generated by hostile actions asymmetric type.

General Mihail Popescu and General Branko Krga, chiefs of the two General Staffs, ambassadors and military attaches accredited in Bucharest and Belgrade, representatives of the implied institutions and journalists were present at this activity developed on both sides of the Danube.

Coordinated by the Ministry of National Defene the exercise engaged for the first time in a common action all the special operations forces from the Prevention and Counter Terrorism National System (local administration, ministers: Foreign Affairs; Administration and Home Affairs; Economy and Trade; Transport, Construction and Tourism; Communications and Information Technology; Health; Environment and Waters Management; Foreign Intelligence Service; Special Telecommunications Service and Guard and Protection Service).

“BLUE ROAD 2004” exercise developed on three stages, air, ground and naval led by Joint Operation Command tested the way the responsible institutions are cooperating during a hostile action against a strategic important objective.

Cooperation between the Romanian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was mainly on modern fight principles based on working proceedings and common modern and operative ways of communications between the points of command of the two Armed Forces and between the commanders of the participating troops.

At the end of the exercise, Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defence and General Mihail Popescu, chief of General Staff thanked all the participants for the way they fulfilled their missions according to the scenario (a passenger vassel was hijacked, annihilation of terrorists at the command room and transformers , a tourist coach was hijacked) stressing on the fact that the “BLUE ROAD 2004” will be a moment of reference in the bilateral relations between our countries and between our Armed Forces due to the number of the forces engaged in and to the accuracy the actions were developed according to the risks and threats towards security in the region and the world.

Lieutenant Colonel Gelaledin Nezir, MoND Spokesman


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