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A delegation headed by First Lord of Admiralty and chief of the British Royal Navy Staff, Admiral Sir Alan West will pay an official visit in Romania between June 8 and 10, 04 invited by the chief of the Romanian Navy Staff Rear-Admiral Ph.D. Gheorghe Marin.

Wednesday, June 9, 04 the British delegation will be received at Navy Staff Headquarters in Bucharest by the Rear-Admiral Gheorghe Marin and after that will go for Constanta for visiting different naval objectives.

The two officials will talk about the program of modernization of the two frigates 22type purchased by Romania from the British Royal Navy. They will analyze the training of the crew of “King Ferdinand” frigate planed to arrive in the country in December this year and about the main measures adopted for the frigates’ integration within the Navy.

During their talks they will approach the bilateral military cooperation, the stage of the process of reform and re-structure of the Romanian Navy and the participation to the multinational exercises. They will also identify how to increase the interoperability between the Armed Forces for the fulfillment of the Romania’s specific requests as a NATO member.

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